Thewlis Gregson 2017 Windsor Champagne trimmed

Thewlis Gregson 2017 Windsor Champagne trimmed

JULY 2017 Ex Show box featuring champagne cooler and fully trimmed drawer set.


  • Trim Specification

    Fully trimmed drawer set to all draws.

    Drawer facias in french blue leather.

    Exterior sides of top drawer set in french blue leather.

    Interior sides of top drawer set in magenta leather.

    Exterior sides of bottom drawer in black leather with yellow accent.

  • Included Accessories

    8 Champagne flutes 

    8 Small shot glasses

    4 Vera Wang tumblers

    4 Vera Wang 150mm side plates

    4 Cake forks

    4 Cheese knives

    2 Stainless steel storage tins 

    2 Stainless steel flasks

    Twin gun holders (trimmed in fuschia and black)

    Champagne cooler

  • Interior Fit Out